Case Studies

Lynsmere Park

Case Study – Lynsmere Park

Name: Gavin PowellProperty location: Caloola, NSWOperation: Mixed grazing Gavin’s farm management used to rely on traditional methods; manual water runs, paper record keeping, screenshots of data, excel spreadsheets and ‘gut feel’. Paper records and spreadsheets were often lost, ruined, or not updated, making it difficult to maintain an up-to-date and trusted analysis. For Gavin, who […]
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Case Study – Isis Downs, Qld

Name: Andrew & Anna Cochrane, Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC)Station name: Isis Downs  Location: South-East Queensland (130km south-east of Longreach)Operation: Beef Cattle Station size: 246,057 hectaresFarmbot technology: 26 Water Level Monitors, 2 Line Pressure Monitors and 7 Rain Gauges Checking and monitoring water was costing Isis Downs approximately $120,000 per annum, plus a full-time staff member. This […]

Case Study – Dover Station

Name: Mitch, Peter and Sonia FlemingProperty name: Dover Station, QldOperation: Mixed Charbray/ Droughtmaster CattleProperty size: 123, 500 acresFarmbot technology: Water Level Monitors, Rain Gauges and Wireless Trough Sensors Mitch, Peter and Sonia Fleming split their time between Dover Station, near Boulia, and their other property, located near Bundaberg, QLD. Following years of prolonged drought, they have […]

Case Study- Yardeeta Pastoral

Name: Bob and Andrea SpeedStation name: Moothandella Station, Windorah, and Trafalgar Station, Jundah QLDOperation: Beef CattleStation size: 48,500 ha in totalFarmbot technology: 11 Water Level Monitors and 3 Rain Gauges Having seen the successful employment of Farmbot monitors across the main family business, Brigodoon Cattle Company, Bob and Andrea did not hesitate in investing in […]
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Case Study – Southern Cross Farms Australia

Name: Greg GazeProperty name: Southern Cross Farms AustraliaOperation: Broiler ChickensProperty size: 500 acresFarmbot technology: Water Level Monitors, Water Flow Sensor and Line Pressure Sensor Greg Gaze is COO of Southern Cross Farms Australia, a free range chicken operation on the Adelaide Plains, SA. The farm runs 24/7 making water security a priority for Greg and […]
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Case Study – Brigodoon Cattle

Name: Bill & Gretchen Speed and familyStation name: Brigodoon Cattle Company5 properties across Qld and NTOperation: Beef CattleStation size: 810,000 ha in totalFarmbot technology: 51 Water Level Monitors and 12 Rain Gauges With five properties spanning over two states, the Speed family found themselves spending an significant amount of time and money carrying out water […]
Bannockburn Feedlot

Case Study – Bannockburn Feedlot

Name: Steve MungeProperty name: Bannockburn Feedlot, Bell QLDOperation: Cross-bred feedlotProperty size: 4,200 acresFarmbot technology: 9 Water Level Monitors,5 Rain Gauge and 2 Line Pressure Sensors With 800 steers to feed and a team of staff, Steve Munge has a lot on his plate. He had been managing the properties water assets with a camera providing […]
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Case Study – Ben Mills, Shamrock Station, WA

Name: Ben Mills, Station Manager, Argyle Cattle CompanyStation name: Shamrock Station Location: Kimberly, Western Australia (150km south of Broome)Operation: Cattle Station size: 100,780 hectaresFarmbot technology: 50x Water Level Monitors & 1x Camera Customer challenge – Station with no groundwater Argyle Cattle Company is a privately managed Australian enterprise. Consisting of four properties in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, […]

Case Study – Warren Shire Council

Name: Raymond BurnsOrganisation name: Warren Shire CouncilOperation: Town water suppliesLocation: Central West, NSWPopulation: 2745 residentsFarmbot technology: 8 Pump Controls, 1 Flow Sensor and 8 Water Level Monitors After an event where a pump failed, and residents of the towns nearly ran out of water, it was time to upgrade from the old Telemetry system to […]
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Case Study – Braqumont Farm

Name: Phil SoullierProperty name: Braqumont Farm, Yandanooka WAOperation: Wheat, canola and sheepProperty size: 3800 haFarmbot technology: 3 Water Level Monitors Braqumont Farm has 40 troughs, and 20 tanks, which have traditionally been manually checked a few times a week. This extensive water run was requiring a lot of time and labour, but provided Phil with […]