Wireless Trough Sensor

  • Paddock
  • Trough
  • Forewarns of impending problems
  • Save time on fuel & labour costs
  • Provides insights into livestock drinking habits 
  • Robust trough design
  • Easy installation & relocation
  • Sensor cable guard and base plate add-on

The Farmbot Wireless Trough Sensor provides Farmbot customers with a picture of trough water supply right up to the point of consumption. It provides you with visibility of impending problems as well as insights into stock drinking habits by displaying the average and minimum water level. 

It is self-installable and immediately operational with no technicians required. It has been designed to accommodate troughs differing in shape, material and size with the Sensor Cable Guard add-on. It is easily portable from trough to trough via the Base Plate add-on. The Wireless Trough Sensor communicates with a Farmbot Next Generation Monitor via wireless satellite and cellular networks. The Farmbot Monitor then acts as a wireless base station to transmit the data to selected users. 

Wireless Trough Sensor requires a Farmbot Monitor to operate. The Farmbot Monitor is the remote monitoring device that integrates with Farmbot’s range of wired and wireless sensors to monitor level, pressure, flow, rainfall and people movements. 


Technical Specifications:

Connectivity Range: 2-5km from a Farmbot Monitor, depending on terrain
Battery Life: 1.5-2 years depending on use
Measurement Range: 0-125cm