Pump Control

  • Paddock
  • Water Tank

Extend the lifespan of your pump, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and save countless hours of your precious time with Farmbot Pump Control

Key features

  • Automate your pumps to start/stop based on tank levels, no more guesswork or unreliable timers.
  • Remotely stop/start your pumps from anywhere.
  • Near real-time alerts when the pump stops and starts or if there is an error.


  • Applicable for PowerPoint: Directly switches single-phase (240v) or three-phase (415v) power sources.
  • Applicable for Switch: Works with solar, diesel and mains powered pumps.
  • Works with pumps that have either a Normally Open or Normally Closed state.
  • Sensing Controller Feedback – detect when the pump isn’t working.
  • Water resistant when lid is properly closed and sealed.