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These are the most common questions we get from farm owners and managers:

Connectivity, Software and Data

Yes, Farmbot is able to integrate with a range of platforms to find out which platforms we currently integrate with contact your sales rep or alternatively contact Farmbot customer service 02 9901 4798 or

Pricing and Purchasing

No just the upfront cost of the hardware and the annual subscription fee. The annual subscription fee covers all real-time alerts sent via SMS or email all year round. Ensuring that you receive real-time updates on pending problems or faults.You can see what the subscription fee covers here.
Refers to the subscription fee, not inclusive of hardware. The Satellite subscription costs equate to $1.20 per day and the Cellular subscription costs equates to $1 per day. This subscription fee enables users to receive various alerts throughout the day.



Yes, you can, however, if you wish to move the monitor, contact the customer service team to update the GPS specs, to enable the monitor to work accurately. You can contact Customer service on 02 9901 4798 or
No, we don’t as we have a tailored website dashboard which is able to load in remote areas. If you wish to add this page to your devices home screen you are able to do so.

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