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Farmbot is trusted by over 3,500 farmers who rely on our technology to detect leaks and faults in near real-time. These alerts are delivered via text and email.

Our leading on-farm management platform, MyFarmbot, gives you actionable insights to run a more profitable operation.

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    Designed with farmers in mind

    Custom alert triggers

    Be alerted in real-time. Detect leaks and faults and take action before an issue occurs.

    Easy to read graphs

    Understand your water trends and livestock consumption rates. Export your rain data, print the list of water tanks for when you need to do manual water runs.

    View anywhere, anytime

    View any of your properties from your laptop or phone

    Manage your team

    Whether you have a team of 2 or 10, upskill your team and add them to your account. Select their role and alert triggers you want them to manage.

    No more manual data entry

    Eliminate the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. MyFarmbot tracks the data and analyses it for you.

    Make better business decisions on all aspects of your operation

    Water Level Monitor

    Have visibility over your tank levels and know when water is getting low


    Rain Gauge

    Automate rainfall entry and make informed stocking decisions


    Wireless Trough Sensor

    Get insights into stock drinking behaviour


    Flow Sensor

    Get an indication of water consumption

    Line Pressure


    See your farm hundreds of kilometres away


    Diesel Level Sensor

    Reduce the risk of theft and get fill and drain alerts


    Safety Check-in

    Ensure your staff are always safe


    Pressure Sensor

    Ensure the integrity of your water system


    Free up your time and have peace of mind.

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