Farmbot understands that not all businesses are the same, so we have designed wired and wireless remote monitoring products to suit all remote monitoring requirements. Explore each solution to learn about products Farmbot has on offer that will improve your operations.

  • Water TankWater Tank

    Remotely monitor your water tank and improve management of your water resources. Explore Farmbots range of solutions that are suitable for all types of water tanks differing in shape, material and size and keep track of water level, faulty valves and leaks in near real-time.

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  • Fuel TankFuel Tank

    Never manually dip your tanks again. Farmbot fuel tank monitoring solutions allow you to monitor your tank levels in near real-time, from anywhere. Improve fuel tracking and schedule deliveries accordingly.

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  • TroughTrough

    Have visibility of stock water supply right up to the point of consumption with our trough monitoring solutions. Be notified of impending problems, monitor average and minimum water level and gain insights into stock drinking habits.

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  • PipePipe

    Remotely monitor your pipelines and detect abnormalities with Farmbots range of monitoring solutions. Detect leaks and faults in near real-time and improve your operations by keeping a close eye on your water lines from anywhere, any time.

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  • WeatherWeather

    Remotely measure rainfall across multiple isolated locations. The Farmbot Rain Gauge sensor provides you with visibility of current and historical rainfall data to help you minimise risk and maximise profits.

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  • PaddockPaddock

    Farmbot understands that not all farming operations are the same and paddocks come in many shapes, sizes and terrain. Our devices are designed for all remote monitoring requirements, from large paddocks with multiple watering points to small yards. Explore our range of products suitable for tanks, troughs, dams, bores and pipes to assist you to know your water resources.

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  • SecuritySecurity

    Secure your farm with our advanced farm security cameras. Monitor and protect your property with 360° coverage, smart alerts, and night vision. Ensure the safety of your assets and livestock with real-time monitoring and reliable surveillance, backed by solar power and remote access.

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