Flow Sensor

  • Paddock
  • Pipe
  • Trough
  • Water Tank
  • Reports litres-per-minute flow rates
  • Assists in preventing water loss
  • Assists in pinpointing leaks and blowouts in extended reticulation systems
  • Provides aggregate flow data
  • Out of the box solution

Farmbot Flow Sensor measures water usage, leak detection and better manages water consumption. Detailed flow data records the volume of water during each transmission period. The Farmbot Monitor facilitates up to three Flow Meters. 

Farmbot can provide a range of flow meters with all fittings and accessories ready for a self-installable setup, with no technicians required. Farmbot can facilitate an adapter cable to interface with a customer’s existing flow meter. Users can receive alerts based on custom triggers, analyse monthly flow comparison data and export data to spreadsheets.

Flow Sensor requires a Farmbot Monitor to operate. The Farmbot Monitor is the remote monitoring device that integrates with Farmbot’s range of wired and wireless sensors to monitor level, pressure, flow, rainfall and people movements.