Diesel Level Sensor

  • Fuel Tank

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  • 24/7 visibility over Diesel tank levels
  • Overview on when fill and drain events occur
  • Customisable alert triggers
  • Be notified when you need to restock your Fuel tanks
  • Near real-time alerts delivered via SMS or email
  • Easy installation

The Farmbot Diesel Level Sensor provides remote visibility of fuel tank levels. Users can track the time and volume of tank usage from, anywhere, anytime. There are cellular or satellite connectivity options available allowing visibility in the most remote locations. The Diesel Level Sensor offers high corrosion resistance within a range of harsh chemical environments.

Set customised level alert triggers and be notified by SMS or email when these have been reached. The solution provides you with a simple inventory management system, oversight of theft concerns, and reduces OH&S risks associated with checking fuel levels manually.

Product features

  • Customised fittings allow for a water-tight seal around the cable entry into the tank
  • Magnetic feet for easy installation onto steel fuel tanks
  • Robust sensor that is able to handle corrosive environments