Diesel Level Sensor

  • Fuel Tank
  • Able to manage diesel levels
  • Prevents diesel from being stolen

Farmbot Diesel Level Sensor connects to the Farmbot Monitor to provide remote level monitoring for diesel tanks. This combination provides real-time reporting of issues, events & abnormalities in diesel tanks. The Diesel Level Sensor offers high corrosion resistance within a range of harsh chemical environments. 

The Diesel Level Sensor is self-installable & immediately operational however, Farmbot advises users to be cautious upon installing the sensor. Data is reported as level, volume in litres, and percentage full depending on the users’ requirement. Users receive multiple updates per day via phone or email in addition to real-time triggered alerts assisting in discovering excessive rate of fall. 

Diesel Level Sensor requires a Farmbot Monitor to operate. The Farmbot Monitor is the remote monitoring device that integrates with Farmbot’s range of wired and wireless sensors to monitor level, pressure, flow, rainfall and people movements.