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Water Level Monitor

Farmbot Level Monitor provides remote level monitoring for tanks, bores, and dams. Get near real-time alerts to your phone when the level is low, high, or rapidly dropping.

Lite - Basic Level Monitor

Farmbot lite is our latest innovation for basic water monitoring. Get near real-time alerts straight to your phone from anywhere. Easy self-installation & Australian-made.

Pump Control

Farmbot Pump Control allows you to automate your pumps to start and stop based on your tank levels from anywhere in the world with our remote pump controller.

Rain Gauge

Farmbot Rain Gauge makes record keeping easier by tracking and collecting rainfall data daily, weekly, and monthly. Explore our digital rainfall measurement.

Water Flow Meter Sensor

Farmbot Water Flow Meter Sensor measures water usage, detects leaks, and optimises water consumption. Records the volume of water during each transmission.

Trough Water Level Sensor

Farmbot Trough Water Level Sensor provides remote water monitoring right up to the point of consumption for your farm trough. Wireless & satellite connectivity.

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    What other farmers are saying...

    "The Farmbot tank monitor is one of the handiest management tools I have seen for a long time. It is simple to install and simple to use! I wish we had one of these years ago as it eliminates a lot of stress worrying about water.

    I thoroughly recommend it and it will allow you to sleep at night."

    Damian Forshaw - Nita Downs Station

    "The Farmbot system has saved me many thousands of kilometres travelling by allowing me to keep track of my waters without leaving home and at the touch of a screen any time of day or night.

    I can tell almost instantly if guys have started pumps, if bores have failed and importantly, that all is well and I don’t have to go and check them.

    Jimmy Wood - Rawlinna Station

    "Farmbot is a simple system, easy to install, reliable and affordable. It certainly has provided our business with greater efficiency and security with regard to our cattle management.

    By using Farmbot, I can usually sleep well at night, especially during the summer months."

    Douglas Lillecrapp - Todmorden Cattle Company

    "Thanks to Farmbot, we can deal with issues promptly, before they become disasters and in remote pastoral country it is difficult to put a price on that."

    C Maclachlan - Jumbuck Pastoral

    "Seriously cheap insurance on probably the most important part of our business and that's water for livestock.”

    Matt Wood - Wave Hill

    farmbot water monitoring

    Be alerted when water level is low, high or rapidly falling

    Farmbot sends alerts within minutes when a low or high water level mark is reached or if the water level falls rapidly. It is the only event driven solution on the market, what Farmbot is known and trusted for.

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    ➡ I want to know when my livestock don't have water or if there is an issue

    ➡ I want to save time, cost on labour and fuel

    ➡ I want to talk to a real person when I need help

    ➡ I want to integrate with other apps I already use

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