What is Farmbot?

The Farmbot system provides easy-to-use sensors that can be self installed in just 10 minutes for immediate use - no technicians or complex setup.

The Farmbot water level monitor can be installed anywhere in Australasia no matter how remote. With our sensors you will always know exactly what is happening with your water levels via your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.


Easy to install

Farmbot sensors can be placed anywhere on your farm, anywhere in Australia -  no computers or additional communication equipment required.

Cost effective technology

FarmBot will provide a 1st year return your investment within 3-4 months (based on savings in labour, machinery wear & tear and stock & crop loss mitigation). In subsequent years it will provide a 10 times annual return on investment.

Have peace of mind your stock are on water 24/7

The system uses Satellite technology to send the water level information and warn you when the limits you set are breached by SMS and Web access on your Smartphone, PC or tablet.

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