Case Study – Willoh Farm
October 5, 2023

Case Study – Willoh Farm

Managing the most precious resource, water, can be challenging. Labour required for identifying and troubleshooting issues can impact wear and tear on vehicles, increase stress levels and soak up the limited time of Willoh’s management. Seasonal conditions can be challenging in the upper western, but when the season turns the country can be highly productive. Being able to make the most of the good times, knowing that water availability for livestock is sorted without needing a significant upscale of on-ground personnel is a business requirement.

“Based on flow rate percentages I have customised my alerts and can make a judgement call before a problem occurs.”

Their previous water runs entailed hoping that nothing broke as they drove out the gate, leading to apprehension and risk to the welfare of their livestock. It was costing them time, worry, productivity and wear and tear on vehicles. Now, with Farmbot devices across his property at key watering stations, it’s helped Derek understand how much water the cattle have available to drink, giving him confidence that their water system is adequate regardless of temperature and season.

Just before Christmas I was notified of a leak that resulted in a quick trip out and simple repair before the tanks even reached 50%. Getting these alerts have saved me time and filled me with heaps of confidence knowing I can trust the data I’m receiving. We had a relaxed Christmas, knowing the stock were the same. In the past, we’ve had leaks under grass in the middle of paddocks that have created bog holes the size of a football field and we were completely unaware of it until someone plunged in!”

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