3G Shutdown, Changes You Need to Know
December 18, 2023

3G Shutdown, Changes You Need to Know

By June 30, 2024, 3G will be switched off across the country. After 3G coverage running for the last 20 years, Telstra has decided to gradually phase out 3G service and aims to replace it with 4G in most locations to provide a more reliable service for years to come.  

The transition to 4G is due to 3G becoming an ageing network that was compatible with mobile devices when we used them for simple communication and basic online tasks. However, in today’s day and age, mobile usage and consumption has increased with a huge demand for mobile data that the current network can’t cope with. Therefore, this change is a step Telstra is taking to grow and improve the delivery of next generation technology – helping to provide a better, faster service to customers.  

How does this affect Farmbot?

This switch to 4G will not affect Satellite Farmbot Monitors, however, may impact some Cellular Farmbot Monitors that run on the 3G service. 

Currently, if you have a Cellular Farmbot Monitor, it will either transition to 4G if available or cease operation if still on 3G.  

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Image sourced from Telstra: Coverage Map

How to assess if your Monitor(s) will be impacted:

  • Stand near your Farmbot Monitor with your phone. ​
  • Check your mobile phone for a 3G or 4G signal indication next to the battery symbol. ​

By 30th June 2024, monitors in 4G areas will automatically switch to 4G as it becomes available and function as usual. However, monitors in 3G-only areas risk discontinuation. If you’re in a 3G zone, get in touch with Farmbot, who will be able to assist you.  

To learn more about the 3G shutdown, visit [Telstra article]. If you have any questions about Farmbot contact us here 

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