The Importance of Bore Monitoring
February 28, 2024

The Importance of Bore Monitoring

Across regions of Australia, bore water stands as the primary source of fresh water that producers rely on for stock water, irrigation and general household use. Given the country’s dry climate and frequent droughts, bore water serves as a dependable water source. However, without proper tracking and assessment, bore water can be wasted. 

To ensure sustainable and reliable use of bore water, Farmbot has designed the Bore Water Level Sensor. Allowing farmers to track and measure their groundwater levels and aquifer health, enabling them to make informed decisions to mitigate risks, optimise water usage, and ensure the long-term viability of their water source. 

Understanding Bore Monitoring:

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 Bore monitoring, often referred to as groundwater depth measurements, serves as a vital solution in managing groundwater resources. By tracking parameters such as groundwater depth, and drawdown over time, Farmbot’s bore level sensor provides valuable insights into the health of aquifers and the sustainability of water usage practices. 

Why Bore Monitoring Matters:

  • Water availability: Users can receive near real-time alerts to understand shifts in groundwater levels, trends and amount of supply.  
  • Management Effectiveness: The use of customisable alerts enables proactive management. Instead of using “gut feel”, accurate measurements will enable more informed decisions
  • Risk Assessment: Identify problems with your pumps and prevent damage to bore pump. 

Key Benefits of Bore Monitoring:

  • Alerts and Notifications: Stay informed about underground water supply trends and potential issues, such as over-drafting or pump malfunctions. 
  • Pump Health: Identify problems with bore pumps early on, preventing downtime and costly damage to infrastructure and water.
  • Aquifer Health: Gain valuable insights into the health of your water table and aquifer, aiding in sustainable water management practices. 
  • Eliminate Over drafting: prevent drawing groundwater beyond the capacity for the aquifer to refill itself. 

Get the bore runner onto other jobs and manage their time more efficiently by employing Farmbot’s Bore Water Level Sensor. ​

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