Case Study – Warren Shire Council
October 5, 2023

Case Study – Warren Shire Council

After an event where a pump failed, and residents of the towns nearly ran out of water, it was time to upgrade from the old Telemetry system to Farmbot remote monitoring.

“In the past with pumps we had a lot of issues, they either wouldn’t turn on or wouldn’t turn off flooding residents’ backyards, as well wasting precious water.”

By using Farmbot Pump Control, the Council has been able to efficiently manage water with security so that residents have reliable access to water.

“The systems have provided the ability to monitor and manage our water to ensure residents have a reliable water supply. As the pumps operate remotely, it has saved us an hour’s return drive on several occasions”.

They previously had no communications to understand what was happening with the water supply. The first alert that there was a problem was when residents would complain about water supply issues. Now with Farmbot, Council staff can monitor the reservoir with up-to-date information on the pumps and water levels straight from their phones.

“The Farmbot systems have provided the ability to monitor and manage potable water assets to ensure over 2,700 residents in Warren, Nevertire and Collie have a reliable water supply.”

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