The Waterly Quarterly – October 19
October 25, 2019

The Waterly Quarterly – October 19

The Farmbot – The Waterly Quarterly


It has been a busy quarter here at Farmbot HQ since we last shared the news with you back in July.  Our team has traveled to every state and territory in Australia. Attended many events, won an amazing award, and appeared in over 150 media articles, helping Farmers better manage their water. Of most significance, our tech team has been putting the finishing touches on the next-generation Farmbot. The culmination of all the things we’ve learned, and feedback from you- our valued customers. It is enabling us to generate the best technology we can find to support your needs now and in the future. It is an exciting time to be working with you to help make your businesses more productive and profitable in these testing times for many in Australian agriculture. We thank you all for your valued contribution, custom, and feedback. There’s some more info and links in our newsletter below so that you can keep in touch with what we are up to, give us your feedback and #knowyourwater

Special Update

Technology moves fast. Ag is moving even faster. 
Farmbot centres on water monitoring. Farmbot monitoring is changing lives (as Matt’s story showcases). Our customers are now seeking additional tech solutions that can communicate via cellular or satellite connection.  
Next Generation Farmbot connects to even more devices. 

Ahead of the Next Generation launch, pre-sale offers are currently available. Offering significant savings on both Satellite and Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) plans for a short time only. For more information visit our website Farmbot website.

Next Generation Monitor


Refer a friend to Farmbot and receive a month’s free data! Just get them to mention your name to have free data applied.

Check out how Matt Wood from Blina Station WA is using Farmbot.

Peace of mind for your most important resource… water for your livestock
Peace of mind for your most important resource… water for your livestock

Wilmot Cattle based 90km out of Armidale were devastated by the Ebor fires in August. The Farmbot’s team thoughts are with Stuart Austin and his Family at the Wilmot Cattle Company. We wish them and all others impacted by fires around the country the best in restoring their operations.

To help farmers in need please donate here.

Product Developments & Improvements
#Dashboard updates & improvements

We are continuing to upgrade the program of our user interface and dashboard to add further functionality and reporting for our users. One of the most common questions that we come across at Farmbot is how can I get more from my dashboard. Luckily the answer is simple! 
We can provide you with the most accurate and timely alerts, your tank’s calibration needs to be accurate. The two critical points for the calibration are:

– What is the height of your tank? (measuring from the bottom of the tank to the overflow)
– What is the volume of your tank in either liters/gallons

An important reminder for all users – unless you have thick mud in the bottom of your tank, your sensor probe should sit on the bottom of the tank for the most accurate levels.
For any support contact us on 02 9901 4798


Farmbot has been to over 20 events throughout Australia, which our team has traveled far and wide for. Key events we have attended include Agquip in Gunnedah, Henty Field Day, Dowerin Field Day, and a huge number of other regional rural shows and events across Australia. We would love to go to a rural show near you so please let us know what you think are the best rural events around the country that we should attend and talk more about ‘knowing your water’.


Farmbot has been popping up across your local media outlets, everyone’s talking about Farmbot.


Farmbot and our partner Pivotel Satellite have been awarded the 2019 Satellite Provider of the Year Award at the ACOMMS Awards.

The award was granted due to the innovative remote water monitoring solutions, that Farmbot is offering to Australian Farmers around the nation as well as our Satellite Provider Pivotel helping us connect across the countryside. 



If you would like to get more details on the firm at any time please contact our head office. If you’d like to stay in touch and keep across all the action happening at Farmbot please follow us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn.

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