Beef Australia welcomes Agritech innovator Farmbot as Principal Partner
August 17, 2023

Beef Australia welcomes Agritech innovator Farmbot as Principal Partner

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Beef Australia, Australia’s leading beef industry exposition proudly welcomes Farmbot, one of Australia’s leading innovators in agricultural technology to an impressive cohort of multi-event Principal Partners.

With a strong focus on tech, innovation and carbon solutions at Beef2024, this new partnership signifies Beef Australia’s commitment to promoting sustainable farming practices and technological solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in the livestock sector.

Beef Australia CEO Simon Irwin said Farmbot’s commitment to Beef Australia highlights their dedication to the agricultural industry and shared vision in promoting the adoption of innovative technologies.

“Farmbot’s mission to empower graziers and farmers with innovative tools that enable them to meet the challenges of modern agriculture is a perfect synergy with the Beef2024 program”, Mr Irwin said.

“The 2024 event will see the return of the Ken Coombe OAM Tech Yards and Innovation Hub, a precinct dedicated to showcasing existing and emerging technologies and carbon solutions that impact the beef industry supply chain from conception through to consumption.

“As one of Australia’s leading Agritech innovators in this space, Beef Australia is incredibly excited to welcome Farmbot on board as a proud Principal Partner.

“Farmbot’s participation will include heavy involvement in the Tech Yards and Innovation Hub program, plus our seminars program, providing participants the opportunity to interact with experts, learn about cutting-edge products, and explore how these solutions can potentially revolutionise their own farming operations”.

Farmbot CEO Andrew Coppin has witnessed a transformative shift driven by visionary cattle producers.

“They’re not only adopting our solutions but actively shaping our product ecosystem”, Mr Coppin said.

“Our foundation rests on providing remote monitoring solutions that redefine operational efficiency and drive cost savings for cattle producers.

“This dynamic collaboration showcases the industry’s resilience in the face of variable climate conditions, charting a course towards sustainable practices of natural capital.

“Farmbot isn’t just a technology provider; we’re invested in overcoming obstacles presented by the industry by collaborating directly with cattle producers to address unique challenges posed by Australia’s vast landscapes and connectivity constraints. Our solutions are tailored to fit the very fabric of Australian agriculture.

“By standing side by side with cattle producers, we celebrate their success, share in their challenges, and present the future of technology that will define our sector.

“It’s an honour to be part of this collective drive towards progress.

“Partnering with Beef Australia as a Principal Partner isn’t just about recognition; it is about reinforcing our dedication to the industry’s success.

“This premier event is a platform to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to advancing agriculture through technology, and we’re excited to showcase what the future holds”.

About Beef Australia

Beef Australia is an award-winning beef industry event that takes place every three years in Rockhampton, Queensland and has a rich history spanning over 30 years and attracts attendees from across Australia and around the globe.

Beef Australia aims to showcase innovation, promote trade, foster industry collaboration, and celebrate the achievements of the Australian beef industry.

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