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Explore our water monitoring solutions designed for livestock management, ensuring your herd has constant access to water. You can track your water levels, rainfall, flow, pressure, and more from your phone or computer, and get alerts when something goes wrong.

Farmbot Level Monitor

Farmbot Level Monitor provides remote level monitoring for tanks, bores, and dams. Get real-time alerts to your phone when the level is low, high, or rapidly dropping.

Lite - Basic Level Monitor

Farmbot lite is our latest innovation for basic water monitoring. Get real-time alerts straight to your phone from anywhere. Easy self-installation & Australian-made.

Pump Control

Farmbot Pump Control allows you to automate your pumps to start and stop based on your tank levels from anywhere in the world with our remote pump controller.

Rain Gauge

Farmbot Rain Gauge makes record keeping easier by tracking and collecting rainfall data daily, weekly, and monthly. Explore our digital rainfall measurement.

Xtend - Water Tank Level Sensor

Farmbot Xtend provides real-time alerts on water tank level issues to your phone. Most affordable way to extend remote water monitoring across your operations.

Dam Water Level Sensor

Farmbot Dam Water Level Sensor provides remote monitoring for turkey nests and dams. Get real-time alerts for water level issues, events, and anomalies.

Water Flow Meter Sensor

Farmbot Water Flow Meter Sensor measures water usage, detects leaks, and optimises water consumption. Records the volume of water during each transmission.

Pressure Sensor

Farmbot Pressure Sensor provides insights into pressure levels and changes in any type of line. It monitors water pressure, fuel pressure, and other liquids.


The Farmbot Camera provides on-demand or scheduled images of troughs, dams or tanks, and other on-farm assets enabling farmers to be in multiple places at once.

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    Case Studies

    Shandun, Forbes NSW

    Lindsay Baker of Shandun, Forbes NSW, improved water security on his 1,000-ha mixed farm using Farmbot's technology. Real-time data from the Water Level Monitor and Line Pressure Sensor prevented water shortages, saving the operation multiple times.

    Moothandella and Trafalgar Stations

    Bob and Andrea Speed, managing Moothandella Station in Windorah and Trafalgar Station in Jundah QLD, enhanced their 48,500 ha beef cattle operation with 11 Farmbot Water Level Monitors and three Rain Gauges. The technology provides 24/7 visibility, enabling quick problem detection and efficient, proactive management.

    Brigodoon Cattle Company

    Bill & Gretchen Speed and Family, operating Brigodoon Cattle Company with five properties across QLD and NT, faced water-related stress and inefficiencies. Installing 51 Farmbot's Water Level Monitors and 12 Rain Gauges improved visibility, efficiency, and financial gains, transforming their cattle management approach.

    Dover Station, QLD

    Mitch, Peter, and Sonia Fleming manage Dover Station, with Farmbot's Water Level Monitors, Rain Gauges, and Trough Level Sensors. These technologies offer real-time insights, alerts, and remote monitoring, improving water infrastructure efficiency across their 123,500-acre property and ensuring peace of mind in water resource management.

    If you are a livestock producer, you know how important it is to monitor your water supply and quality. Farmbot offers reliable and easy-to-use water monitoring solutions that work anywhere, with satellite connectivity. You can track your water levels, rainfall, flow, pressure, and more from your phone or computer, and get alerts when something goes wrong. Farmbot helps you save time, money, water and improves your livestock's health and productivity.