• Paddock
  • People
  • Trough
  • Capture images on-demand or on a schedule
  • Works anywhere by using satellite communications
  • Save time and free up resources
  • 12-month warranty & Money back guarantee
  • Designed to operate in remote harsh environments

The Farmbot Camera provides on-demand or scheduled images of troughs, dams or tanks and other on-farm assets enabling farmers to be in multiple places at once. The Camera has three image capture settings that can be selected depending on the image quality required. The images captured can be requested via the MyFarmbot Platform on phone and desktop devices.  

The Camera is a wired device that works in conjunction with Farmbots’ Duplex Satellite Monitor, which uses bi-directional satellite communications enabling it to capture images on demand. The Camera has a durable mount that protects it from harsh environmental conditions and comes with multiple mounting configurations for any application. 

*requires Farmbot Duplex Satellite monitor