March 24, 2020


COVID-19 business continuity measures – Farmbot Products & services mostly unaffected

Farmbot continues to build and deliver its reliable Water Level Monitors and attachments, including Rain Gauge, Line Pressure, Flow, Fuel and Safety/Check-in systems. We are also continuing to deliver Farmbot’s great software platform and near real-time reporting for our many customers who are benefiting from remote autonomous monitoring capabilities at a time when having additional staff on properties is challenging.  Reliable service to our existing customers remains our most critical focus at this time. 

Due to staffing restrictions and special work conditions as a result of COVID19, we’ve had to extend the timelines on the delivery of some of our new-release products. We are investigating priorities with our customers, but at this stage, it appears our Remote Trough Monitor is in most demand, so we are targeting the delivery of that as the highest priority for our Research & Development Team.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by delays to the release of other products, but we trust customers can understand the challenges of manufacturing and testing under constrained conditions.

We are actively continuing to develop Cameras, Pump Activation and other key priorities with our alliance partners, and these will be finalised for release as soon as our time and resources permit. We would hope that subject to the resumption of normal working conditions and access to testing sites on rural properties in a reasonable timeframe (as these are now hampered by border shutdowns), we can still deliver that functionality in the third quarter of 2020.

For additional information and service, please note the following contacts:

Head Office Customer Service Contact
Tess O’Hagan 02 9901 4798

Business Development and Sales Support
Rachael Dunn 0406 897 575
Nick Bradley 0408 946 406
Todd Donaldson 0427 288 232

The health and safety of our customers and staff is a key priority at this time. We want to thank all of our existing customers for their continued support and patience during this time. Warm regards and wishes for good health.

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