2019 Consensus Awards Media Release
December 16, 2019

2019 Consensus Awards Media Release


Sydney, 12th December 2019: 5 highly innovative Australian technologies have won awards in the second round of Consensus Awards in 2019, across Software, Innovation, GreenTech and AgTech. The Awards were co-presented by Julian Day Founder and CEO of Consensus and Richard White, Founder & CEO of WiseTech Global, a winner of a Consensus Award in 2004, and now with a market cap of $8 billion on the ASX.

Consensus Awards celebrates their 20th year of identifying the most innovative technology solutions which are locally designed and developed. Well over 1,000 assessments have been conducted by the pool of 180+ independent judges across 9 different Awards Programs. 

Previous Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who has presented the Awards on two occasions said, “The Consensus Awards have a history of celebrating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative Australian tech companies, counting world-famous firms Atlassian and WiseTech Global as former recipients. I have no doubt that this year’s recipients will follow in their success.”

Richard White of WiseTech Global spoke about his confidence in the highly respected Consensus Awards, “When we entered in 2004, we did so to validate our innovation and have our go-to-market strategy reviewed by a large number of industry professionals. Winning a Consensus Award gave us the confidence to push ahead and expand our business with the added benefit of opening doors around the world.”

The Consensus Awards Winners are:
Consensus Software Awards

CompleteEmpire by Empire Software Pty Ltd   www.empiresoftware.com.au

A cloud-based subscription system that provides powerful customer relationship management, marketing management, and sales & operational management for the Property, Finance, Taxation, and Financial Planning industries all in one package.

Consensus Innovation Awards
Digital Smart Mirrors by ShopExp Pty Ltd   www.shopexp.io

Digital Smart Mirrors uses a shop based full length mirror that allows the shopper to try on different virtual items including fashion, sunglasses, jewellery, shoes, makeup and similar accessories that automatically align to the shopper’s size and fit.

Consensus GreenTech Awards
Taggle Water Intelligence Network by Taggle Systems Pty Ltd   www.taggle.com.au

Taggle has the ability through its IOT connectivity, their early detection sensors and systems to plan and provide positive solutions on a large scale to ensure efficient and successful Water Management. 

AeroDAT and AeroMBBR by Aerofloat Pty Ltd  www.aerofloat.com.au

Aerofloat’s patented solutions AeroDAF and AeroMBBR provide an innovative approach to Waste Management and Recycling for a range of industries including the food and beverage (dairies, breweries, abattoirs, confectionery, small goods. 

Consensus AgTech Awards
Farmbot from Farmbot Australia Pty Ltd   www.farmbot.com.au

The Farmbot remote water monitoring products bring a number of technical and commercial elements together to deliver compelling solutions for the livestock sector.  There is also potential to become the de facto data monitoring solution for other farming groups.

The Winners receive global recognition. Each of them receives assistance from Consensus to promote their win to their specific target market. Consensus quite rightly claims to be the world’s most successful awards program with 90% of the Winners of Consensus Awards since 2000 going on to be extremely successful world-wide. Julian Day added, “We can confidently predict that nearly all of this year’s winners will be world-wide winners. Our highly experienced judges get it right, year after year, after year, after year. 

For further information please contact:
Julian Day, CONSENSUS Pty Ltd: Tel: 0413 309 056
Email: julian.day@consensus.com.au

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