Farmbot Ultimate Bundle

  • Paddock
  • Pipe
  • Trough
  • Water Tank
  • Weather

Take the guesswork out of water management with the Farmbot Starter Kit and keep track of water usage and tank levels.

Water Level Monitor

  • Understand water trends
  • Monitors water tank levels and helps detect leaks
  • Save time on fuel and labour

Rain Gauge

  • Records rainfall
  • Understand micro-climates
  • Self-emptying bucket

Wireless Trough Sensor

  • Always know your livestock have water in real-time
  • Forewarns of impending problems
  • Provides insights into livestock drinking habits

Line Pressure Sensor

  • Determines pump issues, fluctuations, problems and impending failures
  • Monitors up to 0-2500 kPa/25 BAR Custom pressure ranges are available on request.
  • Monitor water, gas, and other liquids

Give your farm an upgrade in three simple steps:

  1. Monitor Your Tank  The Farmbot Water Level Monitor provides remote water level monitoring and reporting of real-time issues, events and abnormalities of your water tanks. 
  2. Add a Rain Gauge – Make informed decisions on stocking/pasture growth rate and enjoy automatic rainfall and tank usage records
  3. Stay alerted if your Troughs are running low – The Farmbot Wireless Trough Sensor provides you with visibility of impending problems as well as insights into stock drinking habits by displaying the average and minimum water level.

Users receive SMS and email alerts when issues, maximum or minimum water levels are breached. The alerts triggers are set via the MyFarmbot platform which reliably collects, stores and reports data from multiple monitoring locations, from anywhere, anytime. The platform can be accessed by multiple users and caters for any business, from small farms to large operations with multiple properties and corporates.

The Water Level Monitor is made of ceramic and titanium which offers extremely high corrosion resistance suitable for harsh water environments. It is a hydrostatic sensor which measures water level by sensing the pressure of the water above.

The Water Level Monitor is a solar run remote monitoring device that connects with Farmbot’s Rain Gauge, Wireless Trough Sensor & Line Pressure Sensor.