Client Story: David & Meredith Barrett
June 7, 2018

Client Story: David & Meredith Barrett

After a series of stock water issues, we decided that it was time to invest in water tank level sensors. We found FarmBot on the web and after a couple of phone calls purchased 2 units. The units are very competitively priced and easy to install, and have now given us peace of mind that our stock water is right. We were so impressed with the system that after 3 weeks we purchased another unit. The purchase of the units coincided with a major breakdown of our automatic pumping system. Checking our tank levels could be done using our phones; from anywhere that reception was available, saving time and fuel, by not having to physically drive to each of the storages. We only went to the pump when the tanks needed pumping. The minimum tank level alert was invaluable, allowing us to avoid any potential major water issues. The service from FarmBot is unbelievable, with emails responded to almost immediately. We recently had an issue with a unit on a Friday evening. On the Saturday morning, we received an email informing us of the issue and that a replacement unit would be sent to us on Monday. The constant remote monitoring of our sensors by Farmbot ensures that our sensors are working correctly. We can highly recommend the FarmBot system and the amazing service that we have received during the time we have owned the units. David Barrett, Queensland

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