Client Story: Stapleton Pastoral Company
May 7, 2018

Client Story: Stapleton Pastoral Company

I have a fair size property in the NT and a smaller property in QLD. After operating the property in the NT for 4 years and getting a handle on costs, I soon worked out the time and money spent on checking tank levels to ensure there was stock water. I investigated telemetry through MLA funded projects that had been done and then contacted producers who had installed it to monitor similar water systems to mine. There were many different experiences had by those using telemetry, however many had concerns about the initial capital cost of installation, the R&M required to maintain it and the lack of back up from the suppliers. I then saw an article on FarmBot in Beef Central and contacted Craig after visiting his web site. What I liked most was the ease of installation, and secondly that the data was via satellite so there would be no R&M required by me, it would either work or not. I purchased 2 tank sensors as a trial in December 2016, indicating I would equip all my supply tanks with sensors if they worked. The original 2 sensors were faultless and have since purchased another 7 with automatic rain gauges. A cost benefit analysis suggested a return on capital in 6 months. The FarmBot team monitors the sensors in the field and they are the only supplier I have dealt with that emailed me to tell me that one of his products was faulty and there was another in the post to me before I was aware of the fault in the sensor. I am a committee member of the Northern Industry Beef Research Council who have a say in directing beef producers levy $ into research and costs savings for the industry. I would suggest tank level sensors are one of the most cost-beneficial technologies I have come across. Dan Lynch, Stapleton Pastoral Company

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