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Monitor and manage your farm in one easy to use platform

Farmbot and AgriWebb have teamed up to offer farmers a powerful integration. You can now effortlessly monitor your rainfall and tank levels, which are captured by Farmbot and sent directly to AgriWebb.

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This integration not only makes it easier to keep track of your important data, but also enhances your reporting and analysis capabilities, giving you even greater insights into your farming operations.


Benefits of the Integration
Try out our Farmbot Savings Calculator to see how much you could be saving each year by installing our remote water level sensors. 

  1. Make farm management easier
  2. Increased reporting and insights to make better decisions
  3. Easily switch between platforms
  4. Holistic view of your farming operations

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    Why AgriWebb?

    AgriWebb is a livestock management software for you to manage the performance drivers that make your farm more productive.

    Visualise your entire operation and instantly track forage amounts, animal locations, employee tasks, infrastructure and more.

    Check water tank levels and rainfall captured by Farmbot. 

    Know with confidence which animals yield the most profits, highest quality carcasses and the best returns on your investment.


    See how your grazing strategies and decisions regarding fertiliser, cover crops and more affect your pasture performance.

    Already have an AgriWebb Account?

    Link Farmbot and AgriWebb now. Follow the instructions in this link.

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    Sign up online, add the code Farmbot25 at check out or call the AgriWebb team on (02) 8311 4675.

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    With livestock data side by side with water trends you’re now seeing the whole picture.

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