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Optimise the use of water for dairy production with increased visibility of water management for consumption, cleaning, cooling and processing with Farmbot water monitoring solutions. Farmbot can help you monitor and manage your water use efficiently and sustainably.

Farmbot Level Monitor

Farmbot Level Monitor provides remote level monitoring for tanks, bores, and dams. Get real-time alerts to your phone when the level is low, high, or rapidly dropping.

Xtend - Water Tank Level Sensor

Farmbot Xtend provides real-time alerts on water tank level issues to your phone. Most affordable way to extend remote water monitoring across your operations.

Pump Control

Farmbot Pump Control allows you to automate your pumps to start and stop based on your tank levels from anywhere in the world with our remote pump controller.

Rain Gauge

Farmbot Rain Gauge makes record keeping easier by tracking and collecting rainfall data daily, weekly, and monthly. Explore our digital rainfall measurement.

Dam Water Level Sensor

Farmbot Dam Water Level Sensor provides remote monitoring for turkey nests and dams. Get real-time alerts for water level issues, events, and anomalies.

Water Flow Meter Sensor

Farmbot Water Flow Meter Sensor measures water usage, detects leaks, and optimises water consumption. Records the volume of water during each transmission.

Pressure Sensor

Farmbot Pressure Sensor provides insights into pressure levels and changes in any type of line. It monitors water pressure, fuel pressure, and other liquids.

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    Case Study

    Dairy farming requires a lot of water, not only for the cows, but also for cleaning, cooling, and processing. Farmbot can help you monitor and manage your water use efficiently and sustainably. Farmbot sensors measure water levels, flow, pressure, and quality in your tanks, troughs, and pipes, and send the data to your phone or computer. You can set your own alert triggers and access historical data to optimise your water management and reduce costs and risks.