Farmbots Features & Services

The mission of the Farmbot Water Level Monitoring Service

  • To reduce tank/reservoir manual inspection by over 90%
  • To provide timely warning of impending problems caused by system issues and changing demand
  • To provide detailed information and analysis based the water level history to better understand usage, system problems and support planning for the future
  • To alert you to¬†exactly what is happening with your water levels via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Farmbot features

  • Tank level up to 5.7 metres
  • Simple robust sensor module designed to be installed in less than 10 minutes
  • The simplest and easiest service available on the market
  • Sensor modules are solar powered and require no maintenance
Monitor trends in water use
Detect leaks and faults in water supply and tanks early
Have peace of mind your stock are on water 24/7
Reduce need/cost of constant physical monitoring
Proactively manage scarce water resources
Gather data on water consumption requirements