Future Sensors & Services

Initially FarmBot will market water level sensors for farm and general remote uses. The following Sensor Modules are planned for the medium term:

  • Water Tank Flow monitoring - This will give a clear picture of water consumption and fill rates
  • Electric Fence Sensor - This sensor will send an alert when the strength of the fence pulse is reduced to less than 40% of normal power
  • Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature Sensor - This module will provide soil moisture in kPa and temperature at the depth they are placed in the soil
  • Gate or Door Open Alert Sensor

The following Sensor Modules are planned for the longer term:

  • Intrusion sensing
  • Fire / heat source detection
  • Traffic sensors (including Number plate / car movement identification)
  • Other liquid level and usage monitoring (Diesel, etc.)
  • River level sensors (flood resistant)
  • Weather station (simple and advanced)
  • Electric power usage
  • General machine sensing (Machine health / status (pumps, engines etc)